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PewDiePie NetWorth (Swedish YouTuber Net Worth) in 2019



PewDiePie NetWorth

PewDiePie NetWorth

$50 million

One of the most famous internet celebrity PewDiePie. He is a rich guy. But everyone who is celebrity is not born with the silver spoon, he is a hardcore youtuber from heart and also a comedian. PewDiePie’s NetWorth in 2019 is estimated to be near about $ 50 million.

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As every youtuber his career also has many ups and downs on youtube.

His real name is Felix Kjellberg, started his career with entertaining videos and youtube gameplay commentary.

PewDiePie was born on October 24, 1989 in Sweden. His hobbies is doing art and playing games.

One of the biggest passionated youtuber ever, he started his career by selling his handmade art work and then from those money he purchased a computer.

When in highschools, he started his youtube channel.

During his childhood he loved to play Super Nintendo and new games in it.

But the funny thing about his career is that he forget his password, when he started the channel on youtube.

But after sometime in 2010, he started his complete youtube journey, with the channel name of pewdiepie.

He used to watch online tutorials of how to edit videos, most of the youtuber do these things when they start there first channel.

But after sometime he uploaded his first youtube lets play video on the famous game called the minecraft.

He is too good in making game character such as mario, sonic and many more.

Most strange thing about pewdiepie is that he used to skip his highschool classes for playing games in the internet cafe with friends.

Think of a person who is poor and sell hot dogs on the street, pewdiepie is one of them, when dropped out of his college he started to sell hot dogs and making gameplay videos.

In some interview he also told that he is happy selling hot dogs and making gaming videos rather than going too school.

He is also passionate of photoshop even conducted some of the photoshop contest, and also wined that contest.

When people ask him that what was his favourite school or doing photoshop on home, he said photoshop.

His parents refused to supporting him for youtube, but he never looked back.

Because he love to create content and started selling hot dogs and his artwork.

He is also been in the controversy for making funny video content called rape jokes and after that too many people criticised him.

Through his social media network profiles he told his fans that he stopped making that rape jokes content.

He is also the most subscribed youtube channel in 2013 even featured in The New York Times. During his 6 million subscribers journey.

His channel is the fastest growing youtube channel till then and he also gained 1 subscribers in every 1 second.

PewDiePie Net Worth in 2019

He also launched his app for the users of iphone which allow the users to view new videos save favourite videos.

Once a time he disabled his comment section in the youtube channel because he was receiving too many spam comments.

He also launched his book – This Book Loves You also promoted that book on this channel.

He also uploaded many vlogs on his channel and short comedy videos.

Best greatest experiment that pewdiepie done is that in some videos, he told his fans to only like the video.

And also to dislike the video as audience watched that video, another video experiment he told users to comment on the video as users watched.

He done these things just to known the youtube algorithm but he is not able to know it.

His fans mostly started liking his horror gameplay commentary when and people love the part, when started yelling

Screaming when an horror part of the game comes.

Audience love him and always comment to make more videos like that so he continued to making videos like that.

He also changed his office many times and when he changes he makes a video of his room tour and upload it too his channel.

In his youtube channel, he almost uploaded more than 4000 videos.

In those videos many of his videos are set to private due to some reasons more than 500 videos.

He loves to do editing in Premier Pro and to do Photoshop but for giving his audience a great content.

He also hired team members to help him in his work and help him in creating professional content.

Uploading daily videos are a big challenge for any youtuber and he always try his best.

And he also in his videos told that making 1 videos a day fine, 2 videos a day little hard, 3 videos a day i am dead, 4 videos a day oh no i am dead.

So here is some pewds youtube video schedule time.

Also partnered with Machinima but for some reasons he leaved it and he also contacted a Lawyer to leave the partnership with Machinima.

He also donated money too charity companies.

He also been in the relationship with Marzia aka (CutePie), Both of them are lovely.

His girlfriend full name is Marzia Bisognin and they engaged with each other.

She also comes many times in the pewdiepie vlogs and, she also has a youtube channel with name Marzia on youtube.

Her hobbies is writing, designing, fashion and more.

She is also a Fashion Blogger and she also love business.

She on his channel upload DIY, fashion, vlogs and gaming videos.

According to sources both of them are living in the same apartment.

And pewdiepie has a huge fan following base on youtube and other social media platforms.

But he is simple and funny guy who loves to see people laughing while watching his videos.

He is doing one of the greatest thing in this world to make people laugh and enjoy.

He also has two puppy dogs in his apartment both puppies are seen many times in the videos.

And fans love pewds puppies, and he also has too many tatoo on his body which looks too cool and his fans love him.

His best youtuber friends are Jacksepticeye, Markiplier and more.

When we think about the net worth of the pewdiepie, we mostly think that he is totally rich pretty sure he is but the question is what’s his net worth ?

As seen in his videos he changed his complete setup many times and he also get sponsorships from many big company.

But still the most stable source of earning for him is google adsense.

According some youtube earning calculating website, lets talk about the most famous one which is the socialblade is $51.2K.

Still now his overall channel views is around 18,786,387,956 views is too big number.

With 66,432,178 Subscriber as on 9/24/2018, so what do you think is this site is predicting right.

But here is the real number of earning of youtuber pewdiepie, in 2013

His channel is one of the most fastest growing youtube channel and in 2013 he just earned $4 million dollar from his channel.

Forbes also told that in December 2017 PewDiePie’s channel yearly income from youtube is around to be $15 million, Its too much money.

As i told you that their is too many ups and downs in the career of youtuber.

And the decrease in the earning is started from 2017 year, which differed from $15 million to $12 million dollar.

He and marzia also being partnered with a company called makers studio, and they completed a Challenge called Catacombs Challenge.

In this challenge they have to find the three keys to open the box that contains the precious stone.

This is the Challenge which they have completed.

He also made many tv series videos for the youtube red when youtube red is launched.

The filmography that he is attended.

Here is the list of the filmographies:-

  • Sveriges Television
  • Epic Rap Battles of History
  • Internet Icon
  • YouTube Rewind
  • Good Mythical Morning
  • South Park and many more.

And these days he is in trouble because the indian music company tseries is overtaking the pewds subscriber

The race of tseries vs pewdiepie is one of the biggest race on youtube.

So it’s interesting to see who wins in this race of “the king of youtube” – PewDiePie Or Tseries.

He also proofed that making too much money from home is possible and teach’s this lesson to everybody who told him that playing games from home does’t have a career and proven them wrong.

And He also told in an interview that, he makes videos not for making money he made videos because he was bored.

So that’s the biggest lesson that PewDiePie has given to many youtubers.

Yes, He is an Amazing and Energetic Guy.

Hope you liked our article on PewDiePie NetWorth (Swedish YouTuber Net Worth) in 2019.

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Kinjal Dave Wiki | Wikipedia | Husband [Musical artist]



Kinjal Dave

She is a talented musical artist from Gujarat, she is famous among fans for her amazing voice. So let’s dive into the life of Kinjal Dave Wiki | Wikipedia | Husband [Musical artist].

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Kinjal Dave Wiki
Kinjal Dave Wiki

She is born on November 24, 1999 in Patan, Gujarat, India. Her father is a very supportive towards her career in music and still support her passion towards music.

Kinjal’s father is a businessman and her mother is a housewife. Her father name is Lalji Bhai who works in a diamond company in Ahmedabad, she loves to sing garba, traditional songs, wedding songs, folk songs, religious songs and much more.

Kinjal Dave is very hard working and greatly talented musical artist with deep passion in music.

Started his career in music when was 17 year old and people started loving her music and voice. Fans started following her drastically. Still reading Kinjal Dave Wiki | Wikipedia | Husband [Musical artist].


Kinjal Dave Wikipedia
Kinjal Dave Wikipedia

She completed studies from the 12th commerce background and studied in Patanjali college. After 12th class she mainly focused towards her passion in music started working hard in music industry and reached to the name and fame that she gathered currently.

Kinjal’s also have his business website Works and do many live shows and events. She charges fees of 1-2 Lakh rupees per event to perform.

Currently she performs with a muscial group known as Kuddevi Musical Group. Together they perform fantastic events which people from Gujarat love to see.

She also believes that blessings of Mata Chaher made her more successful in life.

She belongs from a well respected and traditional Brahim family.

Currently, she lives in a town of Gujarat called Naroda with her elder brother Akash and her mother and father.

Her younger brother Akash is currently studying in Ahmadabad.

Now days, she mostly perform live stage show with her musical band and people love hearing her songs and live performance.

She made many famous songs which went viral on the internet and once anyone hear her songs will became fan of her she makes very good Gujarati traditional songs.

With her hard work and dedication she done more than 100 songs and still performs stage shows in national and international level both.

She is currently engaged with a Pawan Joshi (Business Man).

Kinjal Dave Wiki | Wikipedia | Husband [Musical artist]

Childhood Name Kanji
Age20 Year
DOB24 November 1999
ProfessionTalented Singer
Lives InGujarat
Father NameLalji Bhai Dave
Brother NameAkash
Husband NamePawan Joshi
CollegePatanjali College
Education BackgroundCommerce
Weight55 kg
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack
SongsMore than 100
Song GenerTraditional, Gujarati, Folk and more
Musical GroupKuddevi Musical Group
Family BusinessFather Work in Diamond Company
Per Song Charges1-2 Lakh Rupees
Stage ShowsBoth National & International

List of Songs by Kinjal Dave:-

chhote raja
leri lala
moj ma
dashama bhagya vidhata
dasha maa ni aarti
alakh dhani ni aarti
helo maro sambhalo ranuja na ray
mathura ma vagi morli
bhailu halya jaan ma
khava mate pizza
amme desi kalakaar
mataji ni aarti
char bangdi vali gadi
shomlo maatel madhde gelo
bend vage vaja vage
navrat naveli badi albeli
ranuja valo mari kaleja ni kor
char char bangdi vali
jova dejo re mane
adhyashakti ni aarti
gaadioni line hase re
atke hali latke hali maiyaran
odhni mari
kon kon chadave neja neja
selfie photo varraja sathe
vihat maa ni aarti
rut bawari
ghor andhari rataldi

Hope you loved reading our article on Kinjal Dave Wiki | Wikipedia | Husband [Musical artist]. Don’t forget to comment, share with friends thank you.

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Neha Kakkar Wiki | Height | Age | Biography | Family | Boyfriend



Neha Kakkar

In this article, we will provide some interesting details about the music star Neha Kakkar.

Lets look at the life of Neha Kakkar Wiki | Height | Age | Biography | Family | Boyfriend.


Neha Kakkar Wiki
Neha Kakkar Wiki

Do you known who is Neha Kakkar ?

Neha Kakkar is a music star and a well known Indian Singer. Born in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand India in 6 June 1988.

Neha’s true fans call her selfie queen. Do you want to known why they call her this ?

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She is called the selfie queen because she loves taking her selfies. Fan following started growing so immensely as well as everybody loved the magical voice of her.

Received a great exposure from her 1st song with Honey Singh ‘Sunny Sunny’ which have 80 million views on YouTube. After that she became the highest paid singer of the Bollywood in India.

She also appeared in many music competition TV Show and also gained some popularity from TV Shows.

There are too many songs made by her for the Bollywood Industry. She made her name huge in the Music Industry. Honey Singh loved her voice when she made the first song with him.

Neha appeared in TV Show – Jo Jeeta Wohi Super Star in 2008 and Indian Idol in 2004.


Neha Kakkar Height
Neha Kakkar Height

At a moment in her life, demotivated by her social media haters for her height. Her height is around to be 148 cm (Centimeters), 1.48 (Meters).

Let’s known about her height in feet ?

Her height in feet is around 4′ 9″.

But she proved that stronger woman never fails and she worked very hard in the music industry and proved by her work that height does’t matter to achieve success in life.


Neha Kakkar Age
Neha Kakkar Age

Her age in 2019 is around to be 31 years. At the age of 31 years she achieved so many things and people and specially her hardcore fans attend the live shows performed in many country city and states internationally and nationally both.


Neha Kakkar Biography
Neha Kakkar Biography

She started her career in music from the bhakti songs, and people started loving her voice and many people motivated her to do music as a career and her first payment from singing a song is around 100 rupees. Now will say amazing the reason is now she take 1.5 to 2 Lakh for a single song. She is a genius artist and her net worth is 1.5 to 2 million dollar.


She have four members in her family her mother, father, brother and sister. Her mother name is Niti Kakkar, father name Rishikesh Kakkar and brother name is Tony Kakkar and last one is her sister Sonu Kakkar.

Neha Kakkar Family
Neha Kakkar Family

Her both brother and sister is also a music star and specially her brother Tony Kakkar aka (Hit Machine). Tony’s latest song Dhemme-Dhemme is viral on the internet there are great songs sung by tony is loved by his fans moreover this song is the most popular creation of tony – Coca Cola Tu.


Neha Kakkar Boyfriend
Neha Kakkar Boyfriend

She has a boyfriend Himansh Kohli (actor) performed in Yaariyan Movie. She breakup with Himansh Kohli and also told her fans about this on his social media account. At that time she was sad but managed to focus on her professional life and still smiling and inspiring others.

Neha Kakkar Wiki | Height | Age | Biography | Family | Boyfriend

NameNeha Kakkar
BornRishikesh, Uttarakhand, India
Age31 years in 2019
DOB6 June 1988
Live InDelhi, India
Height (Inches)4′ 9″
Weight46 Kg
Body Measurements32-26-32
Shoe’s Size8 Inches
Hair ColorBlack
Eye’s ColorBlack
FatherRishikesh Kakkar
MotherNiti Kakkar
BrotherTony Kakkar
SisterSonu Kakkar
BoyfriendHimansh Kohli
SchoolNew Holy Public School, Delhi
HobbiesSelfie and Singing
Net Worth$1.5 million
Per Song Salary1.5 Lacs Per Song
List Of All Songs By Neha Kakkar
Coca Cola Tu
Chamma Chamma
Gali Gali
Nikle Currant
Badri Ki Dulhania
Kala Chashma
Aankh Marey
Oh Humsafar
Maahi Ve
Mile Ho Tum
Cheez Badi
Morni Banke
Chhote Chhote Peg
Main Tera Boyfriend
Sunny Sunny
Tukur Tukur
Kar Gayi Chull
Naina - Neha Version
La La La
Aa Toh Sahi
Mera Wala Dance
London Thumakda
Aao Raja
Manali Trance
Car Mein Music Baja
Mohabbat Nasha Hai

Hope you enjoyed reading Neha Kakkar Wiki | Height | Age | Biography | Family | Boyfriend.

Thanks for visiting the See you again in next article, don’t forget to share because every share motivates us thank you.

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Nain Shekhawat, Sreesanth Wife Age, Wiki, Biography, Facts and More



Nain Shekhawat

First let’s taking about the fastest aggressive bowlers of Indian Cricket Team. Sreesanth lost his career in cricket because of a accusation. He is born in 6 February 1983 in Kerala. His idol is Anil Kumble and in future Sreesanth also played with him in many matches. His first debut is in year 2002. He is marvellous and a fastest bowler in Team India. We will also talk about Nain Shekhawat in this article.


In 2003 due to accusation of spot fixing in Indian Premier League in Team Rajasthan Royals. BCCI banned him to play cricket for lifetime. Our country lost a best bowler in Indian Cricket Team.

Nain Shekhawat

Nain Shekhawat With Sreesanth
Nain Shekhawat With Sreesanth

So now let’s dive into the history of Sreesanth Marriage and personal life taking about his wife name is Bhuvneshwari Kumari aka Nain Shekhawat. She is a good Jewelry Designer mostly famous for designing royal jewelry designs. She is born and raised in Alwar, Rajasthan (India).

Sreesanth Wife Age

Sreesanth Wife Age
Sreesanth Wife Age

Nain Shekhawat currently is 38 years old and both of the have an age difference of 2 years because Sreesanth is currently 36 year old.

Bhuvneshwari Kumari father’s name is Hirendra Singh Shekhawat and her mother’s name is Mukta Singh.

Both of the couple’s (Sreesanth and Nain Shekhawat) are dating from a long time and married in 12 December 2013.

After three years in 23 November 2016 there son is born who’s name is Suryasree Sreesanth. Nain Shekhawat received all the name and fame in media and news because of the Sreesanth.

Both of them dated each other for a long time while Nain Shekhawat is in his 10th standard they meet and seen each other from there the journey of there love and marriage started.

Twitter –

Instagram –

Facebook –

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Some facts about Nain Shekhawat

  • She is well known and a professional jewelry designer known for her great work in royal jewelry designing.
  • Famous for being the wife of (Sreesanth) Indian Fast Bowler.
  • “S 36 The Sports Store” this is the first sports store that both of the couple opened in Kochi a city in Kerala.
  • S. Sreesanth is slapped by the Harbhajan Singh (Indian Cricketer) during a IPL match in 2008. After that moment Harbhajan Singh felt sorry about slapping Sreesanth.
  • BCCI banned Sreesanth from playing cricket while on these days the news is that he is appealing to have a comeback in cricket and remove the lifetime ban from him.
  • Sreesanth also played many movie role here are some of the movies in which he appeared Aksar 2 (2017) , Team 5 (2017), Cabaret (2016).
  • He also appeared in many TV Shows these are the list of TV Shows
    Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 9, Big Boss Season 12, Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa, Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena.

Here are Some Detail About Nain Shekhawat.

NameNain Shekhawat aka Bhuvneshwari Kumari
AgeThirty-eight (38) years old.
ProfessionRoyal Jewelry Designer
Date of Birth1st of September 1960
Born InAlwar, Rajasthan (India)
Currently InKochi Kerala (India).
HeightFeet & Inches: 5' 6".
Centimeters: 168 cm.
Meters: 1.68 m.
WeightKilograms: 70 Kg.
Pounds: 154 lbs.
ChildSuryasree Sreesanth
Sree Sanvika Sreesanth
MarriedIn 2013
HobbiesShopping and Traveling.
Net WorthNot Known

Sreesanth is not just a cricketer, he is a good actor, dancer, fitness addict and more. This is a small journey of the Sreesanth and her wife Nain Shekhawat. We hope you liked it and if yes then subscribe our push notification for more updates and don’t forget to comment.

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