Top 10 MP4 Movie Download Site (2020 Legally)

MP4 movie download

If some one asks you let’s watch a movie you would definitely say yes but when it’s time to pay for the movie tickets we all hesitate.

Mp4 movie download

But don’t worry we are here with a solution for you we are providing MP4 Movie Download sites and yes they are 100% legal streaming without giving a single penny.

Checkout our 300mb mkv movies download article.

You can search on the web for free movie download sites there are hundreds of illegal and pirated websites present on the internet.

We are giving you the list of free movie download sites from where you can download movies and watch them 100% free, legal and safe.

So here we are introducing a quick list of MP4 Movie Download sites:

  • YouTube Movies
  • The Internet Archive
  • Netflix Trial
  • HotStar
  • Vimeo
  • Hulu
  • Amazon Prime
  • Legal Torrent Sites
  • Yahoo View

MP4 Movie Download Sites (Legal Streaming)


YouTube Movies
YouTube Movies

Many of us only use YouTube just for watching video’s but the YouTube is growing so fast and launched its sub categories.

Based on the particular targeted audience such as YouTube gaming, YouTube music and many other more such as YouTube education.

Many of the sub categories YouTube movies is also one of them.

It allows the users to watch movies online and my favourite plus point of the YouTube movies.

Some of the movies are available for free to watch.

Many of the movies are also paid such as newly released movies.

But not to worry it’s still giving us some movies too watch for free with no buffer.

It works very smooth with no complaints related to buffer.

You can enjoy many free movies if you have a stable internet connection.

Some of the movies which are freely available to watch.

Are Very Good Girl, With Great Power – The Stan Lee Story, Great World of Sound and many more hundreds of movies available.

So the best movies I watched on the YouTube movies.

I already told you and do not forget to tell which movies you watched in the comment.

If you are streaming from the smartphone or the YouTube app.

Then here is a great feature of the saving the whole movie in the smartphone.

Availability to watch offline without the Internet.

This feature is not available on the desktop but it’s great feature.

It’s good, safe and easy to watch movies for free try it and tell your thoughts in the comments.

Still enjoying MP4 movies download.

MP4 movie download
Retrovision TV – Classic Movies and TV

RetroVision is a great platform to watch classic movies and TV Shows.

There are bunch of different genre of movies to watch.

Yes, all of them are available for free to watch and stream.

There are different types of categories made for watching movie’s and TV Shows.

Here are some of the list of genre available on the site.

Movies Genre

  • Adventure Movies
  • Cartoons
  • Classic TV
  • Comedy
  • Crime
  • Drama
  • Horror
  • Sci-Fi
  • War
  • Westerns

So here are some of the movie categories which we want to see on the Retrovision TV.

Biggest disadvantage of Retrovision TV is that the movies is present on the site had to old.

And newly launch movies are not available on this platform.

Some of the good movies which are present on the site are bridge of gorilla, Mad monster, Indian Fighter, Big Trees and more.

The website of the Retrovision is a little bit of slow And it’s not similar to the YouTube movies.

But still this website Retrovision TV provides movies to watch for free.

Most of the movies which are present on the site is classic and TV shows and also present here.

The layout of the website is pretty and simple.

Poster of the movie is also present with a small description of the movie or what is the movie about.

The servers of the website is a little bit of slow it sometime didn’t work on a low bandwidth internet connection.

But if you have a stable internet connection then it will work smoothly.

And I’m surprised that they didn’t have any type of logo of this website.

A big disadvantage of the RetrovisionTV is that this website is that you cannot able to see the movies.

For off-line purposes you can just stream the movie online on Retrovision.TV.

It’s a good site to MP4 movies download.

You will not able to rate the movies because there is no rating option available and no know like button also.

Hope you know that why it’s on the second position of the list.

So these are some of the advantages and the disadvantages of the RetroVision TV.

The Internet Archive

MP4 movie download
Internet Archive

This is one of my favourite because it allows you to offline save your MP4 movie.

Watch later it works in the on the desktop and the smartphone.

It is not made for the movie downloading.

Let me explain you in detail The Internet Archive is a backup of the Internet.

It’s backups most of the web pages which are removed from the Internet.

You can view the removed pages by going to the URLs through the Internet Archive engine.

Many of the files are also available there such as software’s, movies, music and many more amazing things.

This allow you to find some of the movies which available in the Internet Archive and watch them by downloading.

Many movies such as the matrix, Godzilla, Jurassic park are available to watch for free.

My favourite advantage of the Internet archive is that it’s completely free and safe to use.

It’s also a public domain and many software public documents, books and music are also available in the Internet archive.

You really need to visit the Internet archive once because there is some many files which are available for free.

Go check it out and tell us in the comments what features you loved the most about the Internet archive.

There is millions of content available on the Internet archive and billion of webpages.

Available on the Internet archive it’s like a digital library.

Also tell us which movie you downloaded and watched in the comments.

Netflix Trail

MP4 movie download
Netflix India – Watch TV Shows Online, Watch Movies Online

Netflix is one of the best hub of entertainment in India and in other countries and in other countries.

Its content is going like wildfire there are too many seasons and episode.

Many Netflix based content and India its taking place of TV.

These days people are watching TV less but Netflix based content more.

My favorite shows are Mirzapur, Sacred Games and many more.

But there is still a disadvantage you will think that i am crazy but no guys.

There is really a disadvantage and that is the Netflix does not have trial supported in India.

But in many countries like United States the Netflix trial is working.

Yes guys its paid content but still its the best one and its price is very low.

Let me explain you the prices and the plans related to the Netflix plans.


The lowest budget plans starting for just rupees 199 and it support mobile and tablets resolution but this time no PC or Laptop.

You can watch unlimited number of shows on this plan and you can cancel it anytime.

It’s paid but it contain many numbers of shows and episode that makes it more interesting.

There also some news of Netflix India is offering the subscription for 1 rupees for increasing the viewers amount.

The 5 rupees plan is for one month and after one month you can discontinue or continue service.

According to me it’s a great plan to use it’s a very less amount and offering great value to us.

The content of Netflix India is providing is great.

There are no compromising in the content of the Netflix.

Tell us your thoughts about the Netflix Trail version in the comments.

Also your favorite shows my favorite shows are Sacred Games, Mirzapur and Sacred Games 2.


Hotstar - Watch TV Shows, Movies, Live Cricket Matches & News Online
Hotstar – Watch TV Shows, Movies, Live Cricket Matches & News Online

I love HotStar on the go basically while being outdoor it’s very good to use.

Hotstar is being the most exciting platform especially for the live matches or the IPL.

Hotstar is a platform for everything related to entertainment.

MP4 movie download for free

There is so much content on the hotstar such as movies, TV shows and many more.

Most of the available movies on hotstar is free and some of the new movies are paid.

There are many Bollywood movies available on hotstar to watch for free.

Such as mission Mangal, go Goa gone and many other Bollywood movies.

Many Indian users use hotstar to watch IPL only and it’s also provide great streaming quality.

The overall quality of the hotstar website and the mobile application is good.

Simple to use and provides streaming at 1080p and 720p for smartphones and desktop.

It provides amazing MP4 movies download.

So here is a small review or opinion about the hotstar app.

read this article the rock daughter.

I watched mission magal on the it and quality of the streaming is very good.

You can enjoy watching movies for free without hesitation.

According to me using the app is the best way to stream rather than watching from the website.

In free hotstar streaming there are some ads that can interrupts but still it’s for free.



Guys Vimeo is free video sharing service which is a competitor for YouTube.

It was founded in November 2004 almost 15 years ago at that time it’s a competitor of YouTube.

Vimeo offers different video storage option in different plans such as plus, pro, business, premium and many more.

But your are not here for that you here for the movies Vimeo offers movies for free.

But they are only limited quantity of movies available on the vimeo.

This is one of the major disadvantages of the Vimeo.

It offers great streaming quality for the smartphone and the desktop.

It’s support different codec and quality for every device which streams on the vimeo.

They also have Vimeo mobile application available which is available on the play store and also on the iOS App Store.

There are more than 150 million users on the Vimeo website.

According to my opinion for watching movies for free Vimeo is good platform.

So just check it out but don’t use it too much.

Because there is less quantity of the movies available and many of the movies are too old there are very less number of new movies.



It is a platform on which you can watch live tv shows and movies online.

Most of the Tv shows and channel are United States based and also in English language.

Also TV channels such as HBO, Cinemax, StarZ.

You can also watch English Channel and thousand of English movies.

It’s basic starter plan in just 5.99 $ per month.

But it also have the free version when you create a account.

You will be able to use and stream some of the movies for free.

When you buy the 6 $ plan that will allow you to stream thousand of the movies which is not bad.

6 $ per month for streaming thousand of the movies it’s a great deal.

Get Disney plus, Hulu originals and many more interesting content to watch in just 6 $ per month.

You will get more than 60 channel to stream live.

My favourite feature is recording while streaming.

It allow you record for more than 50 hour of live streaming while watching on the cloud storage.

Get multiple category such as news, entertainment, sports and many other genre.

Switch plans and cancel or choose any plans anytime you want.

You can watch on any device or your favourite device.

I watched many movies like Spider-Man homecoming, MA, shaft and many other movies.

Many Tv show like outlanders, the outsider, utopia falls and many more TV shows.

There are some good Hulu originals like crawlers, shrill and many more great things to watch and enjoy.

The biggest disadvantage is that there are no Bollywood movies available to watch and no hindi content on the Hulu.

These are some of the pros and cons tells us your thought or opinion.

Amazon Prime

Prime Video
Prime Video

Amzon prime videos is one of my favourite streaming services because it’s free to use for 30 days.

Not just free but it also offers premium content and it’s plans are also very cheap.

Just 129 rupees per month and for 1 year 999 rupees which is not bad.

Streaming on any of your favourite devices because it’s application is compatible in any of the smartphone, tablets and the desktop.

Support high definition streaming and also support 4K resolution.

There are many Bollywood and hollywood movies available to stream on the amazon prime videos.

The most important point here is that it offers amazon prime special episodes that is exclusively made for the amazon prime series.

And people in India love those series and the episodes made with amazon prime.

MP4 movies download

Famous director such as Zoya Akhtar and many famous actor such as Zakir khan.

Also made some amazon prime exclusive shows which is loved by the Indian audience.

Some of the amazing feature of amazon prime include are offline
Saving the videos or the movies to watch later when you are offline.

You can watch anywhere you want to watch amazon prime and it also have data saver features.

Latest movies are also present on the amazon prime with subtitles and high quality streaming.

Many users in India are switching from the Netflix to amazon prime because of its lowest prices and the exclusive content.

According to my opinion amazon prime is the best streaming service at the lowest costs possible or free.

Legal torrents

Legit Torrents
Legit Torrents

We consider torrent sites as illegal sites always from the beginning.

Here is legal torrents which offers legal downloading of the files and freeware.

MP4 movie download for free

And there are thousands of movies available for free not only the movies.

But many freeware to download which are free, legal and safe.

You can search and download movies for free which are high definition and in different resolution.

There are many English movies which are dubbed in Hindi which many watching the movies more interesting.

On the site you will get movies of different genre action, adventure, thriller and many more.

This site have more than 35000 registered users which more than 19 terabytes of traffic used.

The sites is completely safe and legal to use because it offers free ware and there are no pop up advertisements on the site.

Yahoo View

Yahoo View
Yahoo View

Still working then you can use it if not then yahoo will replace this service with another.

Yahoo view is replaced with the Yahoo Play.

Its mostly used in United States because it offers English content only.

You will ask me my opinion I just say that I use it some time not every time.

I mostly use Netflix and amazon prime services because they comes in a very lowest cost.

Provides thousands of entertaining content.

Hope you enjoyed the articles MP4 Movie Download and our list of websites comment.

Hope you love MP4 movies download articles.

If you know any other sites for movie downloading for free, legal and safe.

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